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This cartoon style, low-poly, table features chunky arched legs; a design that alludes to being carved from a big block of wood, suggesting the hand-worked craftsmanship of earlier times. It has been lovingly hand textured to be simple yet aesthetically pleasing. Comes in .fbx format, with texture file and normal map in .png format. Includes the original .blend file in case you want to modify it as well as the UV unwrap in case you want to customise the texture as well. It is all contained within a .zip file.

Screenshots show the asset in Unity and another a blender render to show the asset under different lighting conditions as well as an example of the textures included.

I'm new to working in 3D, so feedback and suggestions are very welcome.


The license offered is a royalty free license.

Specifically the author, Kuro Ren, grants full royalty free license to use for any commercial or non-commercial work such as using the asset in a game. The only limitation is that you may not resell the asset on its own as an individual asset or asset bundle, (it must be contained within a transformative work such as a video, render, application, or video game).


To use in Unity, drag and drop the .fbx file into unity along with the .png texture file. It will be untextured to start with, so create a new material and add the tables's texture to this new material. Next drag and drop the model into the 3D editor, then drag and drop the texture onto the table. You may wish to edit the spectacularity and metallic settings in the material. Finally create a folder called prefabs, then drag and drop the table from the 3D editor into the prefabs folder which should create a prefab for you to reuse within the project.

To use in blender, simply open the included .blend file.

To use in other game engines please see their documentation on .fbx importing.

Sketchfab Preview

Low Poly Rustic Table by kuroren on Sketchfab


Buy Now$0.50 USD or more

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